Worth Reading, Lib 2.0 Fans

For anyone interested in nature of Library 2.0 processes for the library worker and the reasons why they are important, I draw your attention to todays blog post by David Lee King.  David is a librarian at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (check out the Digital Boot Camp) and a well-known figure in the Lib 2.0 world, as Professor Stephens can attest.  His blog is full of thought-provoking observations about library-tech stuff and the ways we can use it.

In recent posts Mr. King has suggested the “Basic Competencies of a 2.0 Librarian,” a nuts and bolts list of digital skills that a “2.0 Librarian” should possess.  After the second of those posts, which updated the first, he was challenged by a commenter on his blog, who wondered why Library 2.0 skills should be necessary for most librarians.  This person wanted to know why these skills are useful for the library world when they can`t be used on most library computers.  Mr. King`s response to this comment took the form of his post for today (July 12th, 2007).  In today`s post, David Lee King presents a reasoned rationale for learning the Library 2.0 skills in the context of the way our society (and our libraries` place in it) is evolving.

This group of posts by Mr. King is directly related to the content of LIS753 and I recommend them to everyone involved in this class. 

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